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iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is a great update to the iPhone 7. The battery life and camera is improved, and it is significantly cheaper than the iPhone X. But overall it's a massive upgrade on the iPhone 7 and there isn't much to get excited about.

  • Much improved camera
  • Good battery life
  • Usual great iPhone design
  • Large bezel looks a bit dated compared to Samsung
  • Extra money for Fast Charging
  • Not much changed from the iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 8 Review

The iPhone 8 has now arrived, and it’s basically what you would expect. It’s solid iPhone with some good tweaks to the battery and camera along with a few new features.

There is also the iPhone 8 Plus which is a successor to the iPhone 7 Plus.

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, and Apple has done something special in the iPhone X to mark the occasion (but it comes at a price). While the iPhone X overshadows the iPhone 8, it is a lot more expensive and wouldn’t be suited to everyone. The iPhone 8 now positioning itself as the entry level Apple iPhone.


The iPhone 8 measures 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm. That’s fractionally larger than the iPhone 7, but it should still fit inside an iPhone 7 case. It carries over the 4.7-inch screen (more on that later).

The size of the device and screen makes the iPhone 8 very nice to hold and use one-handed. Being able to use a phone comfortably with one-hand is starting to become a problem among new flagship phones which are pushing the limits of size.

You don’t get the edge to edge screen of the Samsung Galaxy Edge or iPhone X, which does make the iPhone 8 look a tad dated.

Overall it’s not a massive departure from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 designs, but they are great looking phones so that not a bad thing!

The aluminium unibody has been replaced with a glass black (similar to the iPhone 4). This allows the iPhone 8 to have wireless charging and hopefully improve the WiFi performance. The body has a coating which improves the grip and makes it feel more secure in your hand than other glass backed phones.

There is no headphone port so you will have to go with the wireless headphones and the stereo speakers are better but still lack decent bass for music.

The iPhone 8 also comes with a IP67 rating which means it should survive in 1 metre of water for around 30 minutes.


The iPhone 8 has a 4.7 inch 750 x 1334 IPS LCD screen with a pixel density of 326 PPI. This is the same number of pixels as the iPhone 6 and 7 which is a bit of a surprise given other phones now have QHD screens with 570 PPI.

Although this is quite a difference you’re unlikely to notice in day to day use, unless you happen to your iPhone 8 alongside a Samsung Galaxy S8.

What Apple have done is improve brightness and colour representation of the screen through its True Tone technology which monitors light levels and automatically calibrates the screen to look its best under the lighting conditions.

Specifications and Battery

Under the hood the iPhone 8 packs a A11 Bionic Hexa-Core processor which is the most powerful put into an iPhone so far.

You may not notice the difference in day to day use within apps, but if you do a lot of multitasking between multiple apps you’ll definitely notice the instant resume times and fantastic performance.

The increased power will also be useful as AR Kit rolls out which is very power intensive.

In addition to the new processor, Apple have also reduced the storage options down to 64GB and 256GB.

The iPhone 8 battery life has also been improved, you’re not going to get 2 days out of it but it should easily last a full day with some mixed usage through-out.

In addition to better battery life you’ll also be able to charge the iPhone 8 wireless or quickly (it is unfortunately a choice between Fast Charging or Wireless Charging).

Thankfully the iPhone 8 went with the universal ‘Qi’ standard for wireless charging so aren’t restricted to a propitiatory Apple wireless charger. It’s a good touch for Apple but unfortunately the wireless charging is not quick, especially when compared to the newer Samsung Galaxy models.

Fast Charging is supported but you’ll need an extra USB-C to Lightning cable as well as a fast charger to be able to use this.


The camera is where things have been significantly improved. On the face of it the camera doesn’t look that different to the iPhone 7. You still get 12 megapixel f/1.8 lens but the iPhone 8 packs a larger sensor and much smarter software.

The result of this larger sensor and better software is a big improve on image quality, with the iPhone camera now able to take some fantastic shots with detail and contrast. It’s still not quite as good as some other phones out there but it has made significant steps forward.

It still doesn’t have the dual camera system of the larger phones, so you won’t have Portrait Mode or Optical Zoom.

The front camera is also very good at 7 megapixels, and the iPhone 8 will record 4K video at 60 fps.

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm
Display: 4.7 inches, 750 x 1334 pixels pixels
Processor: Apple A11 Bionic / 2GB RAM
Storage: 64 / 256GB
Battery: 1821 mAh
Camera: 12MP sensor, f/1.8, OIS, quad-LED (dual tone) flash

Apple iPhone 8 Deals

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